Kaung Thu Kha Trading Co., Ltd is founded in 2008 , started importing and distributing the “Bearing” Products. We are entrusted as an authorized agent to distribute the products manufactured by HCH Bearing and TR Bearing.

In 2009, to rapidly increase to help our sewing line customers, we have extended to distribute the high-quality brand in Japan called NEWLONG. We have built the Service Center for this product to full customer service to meet the specific needs of each individual customer.

In 2012, for the purpose of meeting the local cement customer needs, we have manufactured the products of cement bag as our own production, and we build on the skill of Europe Technology “STARLINGER” to produce high-quality products to build a reliable branch.

In 2013, according to our customer’s demand for normal quality sewing machine product, we have imported another sewing machine brand from TAIWAN called “YAO HAN”. And we supported “After-Sale Service” as our customer need for their satisfaction.

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