PP Woven Bag

PP woven bag is made from polypropylene resin. Polypropylene, which is also known as PP for a short name, is one kind of thermoplastic resin material. During our production process, it is first made into a plastic film, then drawn into flat tapes. And then the polypropylene tape will be woven in two directions (warp and weft) to create a light, but strong and heavy-duty fabric, which will be used as the main material for packaging making, hence the name woven package.

Traditional PP Woven PP Woven bags

Products made of woven uncoated or woven PP bonded, white or colored plastic. Products folded bottom garment, open mouth. On printed or non-printed Flexo 2-sided cover, simple images or colors or according to customer requirements. The bag withstands a load of 5 –50 kg. Products used to pack animal feed, seafood, agricultural products, fertilizers, flour, salt, sugar, chemicals, raw materials …

PP Woven Bag Laminated BOPP Film

Products made from woven PP laminated BOPP film, translucent or BOPP gravure seal. How bottom folds sewing, open mouth. The ends are folded with a splint, sewed with cotton thread or stuck with a PP flap (bag with a block shape), with a corner shaped valve. 2-sided printing covers, multicolored, beautiful, sharp images, images and colors according to customer requirements.

Why choose us?


1.All food-grade raw materials are used, no recycled materials are used, and no odor. At the same time, the strength is more reliable. The raw material supplier is SABIC (the world’s fourth-largest chemical producer in 2013)

2.Our PP woven bags are produced with Starlinger European machines.

3.High printing quality and providing good after sale service.